The Frequency Of Passion


Picture: Jazz Rock Guitarist Stone Temple Pilot by Yuriy Shevchuk




This morning I was watching a very interesting interview on YouTube by renowned musician and producer Pharrell Williams. He was interviewing another musician and producer from an older generation called Daniel Lanois. I’ve been attracted to his music since I was in University because of something I could not really explain to myself at the time. Gradually, becoming more acquainted with themes like following your passion and acting on your excitement, I started to get why I was so pulled towards his music. In the interview, something greater than himself transpires. He talks about dreaming about new ideas and having to write them down immediately when he wakes up; or visualizing sound in a room where he wants to record something. Inevitably, like a truffle dog, I smelled the fragrance of passion, and in his case, we can even talk about a substantial devotion.

In the spiritual community, we hear so many times people talking about life-purpose and doing what you love for a living. The idea that resonates more with me in the present phase of my journey is resumed in this quote from Bashar: “Follow your highest excitement, in whatever shape or form is presented at any give moment, to the best of your ability, without any expectations on how the outcome should look like.” Then he goes on saying that this state represents our true nature, our true unique frequency in the symphony of existence. In this particular state, when we’re in the zone, we experience more synchronicities and a freer flow of energy in our day to day life. In essence, we feel more fulfilled and less resistant to what we go through. If you want to know more about Bashar (channelled by Darryl Anka) and his powerful information you can find a lot of excerpts on YouTube and a discrete number of podcasts featuring his channel Darryl Anka on various platforms.

Going back to the fragrance I perceived in Daniel Lanois’ interview, I want to expand a bit the concept of alignment. Have you ever noticed any changes in you, positive or negative, when you listen to a song, watch a movie, contemplate an image, or read a book? Something happens. We tap into the energy of the content. Based on how we react to it, like mixing different chemical substances, we shift our own vibrational state. Of course, it depends on how much we resonate with that content and on what level, but, at least, a tiny transformation takes place. When it comes to passion, many of us feel very far from it, or doubtful about what they’re doing. To be fair, I’ve found myself in that place many times – too many times. So I’ve set the intention to do what I love and live a fulfilling life. I’ve consciously chosen to put myself in alignment with the frequency of passion.

Now, let me present you a hack to this. Imagine yourself devoid of inspiration, not only unwilling to create, but, in general, to wake up in the morning. So you start questioning your choices in life, you develop regret and bitterness. Depression and anger keep you in a low emotional state, you can’t see clearly: you’re lost. Well, it’s perfectly natural to feel like lost in our society. We’ve been driven away from what we enjoy in so many ways to make it easier to control us. However, from a higher perspective, this might have happened in order to let us rediscover, from a different point of view, who we truly prefer to be. The experience of feeling lost is a valuable one. When you’re lost, you can go everywhere you want. Your potential is even bigger than before. And that’s the perfect moment to get acquainted with the frequency of passion. But how? How to do that when you feel so apathetic, discouraged and desireless? Well, it’s quite simple actually. Start to put yourself in alignment with this frequency by looking at others who are already there, who are already doing what they love. It doesn’t have to be something that you personally want to do. For example, I don’t necessarily want to pursue a career in producing after listening to Lanois and Pharrel talking about their craft – maybe just a bit – but I’ve enabled myself to commune with that pure energy, behind its physical form.

Just bathe yourself in the energy of people doing what they love. Consume their content, listen to their interviews – some people even like to stick their images on the wall! And it can be a photograph of the Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda, but it doesn’t have to be. Teenagers and grown fans, do this naturally by hanging posters of their favourite musicians on the wall, even without any awareness of the inspiration they get from them. Little by little, through these simple actions, you’ll be more and more sensitive to the vibration of excitement itself. And, by putting aside the excuses that pop into your mind when it comes to taking action, you’ll be more aware of what excites you the most. Maybe, it’s something that’s always been there somehow in the background of your life. Maybe it’s something unforeseeable, ignited by a new friendship, or synchronistic experience. Maybe it’s a trail of breadcrumbs, a series of totally disconnected events that you enjoy one by one and finally, but not necessarily, take you to a more stable and coherent activity. It’s important to be in the present moment as much as possible during this process. To be sensitive to your own internal states and observe them clearly. The next most enjoyable thing may then pop out of nowhere, naturally, just because we’ve attuned ourselves to the frequency of passion.